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Timmys Battle...

As many of you know, Timmy is part of the Hy-View fire company's explorer program. Timmy is so passionate about firefighting. He has grown up his whole life around it and plans on joining the fire service as soon as possible. He also plans on making a career out of it down the road. Timmy wants to be able to wear a different fire company's shirt every day he is in the hospital. If any fire departments are willing to donate a t-shirt or a patch that would be awesome. Also if you don't know of any fire departments, any t-shirt related to fire fighting would be good as well. Timmy's size is XL mens. Here is his address: TIMMY RICHARDSON JOHN R. OISHEI CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL 818 ELLICOTT ST BUFFALO NY 14203 ATT: J 12 SOUTH ROOM 1210

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