• Erie Co. Blotter.


Erie County Sheriff Timothy B. Howard announces today that he has restructured inmate transportation units which allow the Erie County Sheriff’s Office to reassign twelve Deputies to patrol districts throughout the county. The Sheriff’s office recently finalized restructuring plans for the Jail Management Division and the Police Services Division for inmate transport. Before this reorganization, Patrol Deputies handled inmate transportation for court appearances, but under his plan, Deputies assigned to the Jail Management Division will transport inmates to and from the court as well as between the two county detention facilities. The Sheriff’s plan allowed his office to reassign twelve deputies and two sergeants to patrol platoons effective March 25. The deputies will conduct additional DWI and drug interdiction patrols throughout the county. Sheriff Howard explains, “Working with the County Executive and the County Legislature over the past few budgets, I have been able to hire much needed staff for the jails. Now, with the added jail personnel, I could take Road Deputies and reassigned them to battle the influx of heroin, fentanyl, cocaine and other drugs and conduct more impaired driving patrols.” The two additional sergeants will act as a Zone Sergeant and assist deputies with incidents and investigation.

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