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September is Suicide Awareness Month.

Shared from a Friend.

We Are Here!! Believe me, I understand.. So many of us understand! You do not have to feel ashamed of the demons in your head. REACH OUT! To me, to a friend, to a stranger, to ANYONE! Just reach out for help and not for the end!!! 🖤💙🖤 "It’s raw. It hits hard. Some have called it offensive. But it was also the reality for 140 police officers last year. More cops died of suicide in 2017 (140) than were murdered (46) or killed in the line of duty (129). Hardly any police pages discuss one of the most prolific dangers to police: SUICIDE. Why? Is it that uncomfortable to talk about? Believe me, it’s more uncomfortable to be at an officer’s funeral. As cops, we’re trained observers. We’re adept at noticing when something isn’t right. Please, apply that to your personal contacts as well as your professional ones, and if something is off, SAY SOMETHING. You might just end up saving a life."

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