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Robbery suspects stopped by father, son cop duo.

(C/O: Lancaster Bee) At approximately 11:50 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 21, a call went out from Cheektowaga Police dispatch regarding a strong-arm robbery that occurred at a hotel on Genesee Street near the Buffalo Niagara International Airport.

A Lancaster Police Department patrol car, operated by rookie police Officer James Robinson Jr., who was partnered with his father, Detective Lt. James Robinson Sr., located the suspect vehicle. Officer Robinson activated his car’s emergency lights and attempted to stop the car.

The vehicle went through the New York State Thruway toll booths and a subject threw a wallet out the window before the vehicle came to a stop. Officers conducted a high-risk traffic stop on the vehicle, taking two males, ages 30 and 25, from Chicago into custody.

Large amounts of cash were found on one of the subjects.

Cheektowaga PD responded to the scene, where the victim identified both subjects. Cheektowaga PD took custody of both subjects related to their involvement in the robbery.

Robinson Sr., retired Friday after 27 years of service with the Lancaster Police Department. His son, Robinson Jr., is completing his field training program with the Lancaster Police Department.

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