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It has been upsetting me over that past few weeks that people have been questioning our content and attempting to make our credibility worthless. We have been providing individuals with proof of information we have received and put out and never once received an apology or credit for providing such information. We rely on very credible sources for ALL of our content and only once (just this week) have we received a call from such source reaching out to us to make corrections on a post that was made "By Them" that was indeed not correct information. However WE were the target, not the news source. Yesterday Grand Island Fire was requested by the US Coast Guard for assistance after Grand Island Fire said quote “They (USCG) have located a Wet Suit an hour ago and are requesting assisting searching the area” i have the audio clip, its been given to the proper persons and there is NO reason we need to prove our self to anyone else on here. Exactly what was said was paged out. But people were quick to jump and call us liars when they had NO Clue as to what was even going on. We are providing you a service. We have a Professional Dispatcher and Retired Police Officer of over 30 years on the streets that knows how to listen to details. If people continue to act childish and DEMAND answers as if you are the one paying our bills then Erie Co. Blotter might as well shut down and you can wait until the 6 O'clock Newscast to get your news of which many incidents we post don't even make the news. The nonsense must stop! Its been proven if we are wrong, we will admit to it and make corrections. we are trying our best to be as professional here as we can. We give each and every one of you the same respect we would expect back from you. We are grateful for everyone who has continued to follow us, send us images of incidents we are covering and even happy that you guys wish to display our decals on your vehicles. but if the disrespect continues we will have no choice but to start banning people from our services and if that does not make any corrections then we will have no further option but to just shut down for good. and at the rate it is going, Who knows if we can even afford to keep going since no-one has helped us with our donations requests but on the same hand they send us complaints that they haven't received decals. Things of that nature cost us money. Money of which I don't have. when we can afford more stamps, we will send out the remaining decals that people have requested. but demanding "Where Is My Decal" messages will probably only delay yours even more. A Little Respect is all we ask. We know what we are doing and we hope and try to do it the best way possible and better than anyone else can. We DON'T Make up story's. if we have put out a incident or message, we have seen or heard it with our own ears or eyes. Don't Demand to know where we heard such information. That is all I have to say. Please understand that I am frustrated and feel I need to put this message out there and I hope it makes a difference and people trust what we post. Again, If we are ever wrong, We Will Say So!

God Bless!


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