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NOTICE: Update To An Alert We Posted. Just to Clearify, We Jumped The Gun.

Just to clearly make everyone aware of a Amber Alert we had posted on Dec 1st.

We had been notified that the Buffalo Police Dept were in the Process of gathering Information together to notify NYS Police and Dept of Justice to send out an Official Amber Alert. (Jumping the gun) We sent a post stating one was due to be released. We Thought and assumed the process takes time to be released (Which today we found it can take 15 minutes to be released), When we noticed the post on Buffalo Police Dept webpage about the stolen vehicle with a child inside and along with chatter on Police Radio we compiled that information and Pre Sent the (Unofficial) amber alert ahead of time in an attempt to get the notice out as quickly as possible for the safety and hopefully safe return of the child and vehicle. The child we were told by a police source was located on the I-190 and taken to Niagara Falls Memorial Hospital which later we also learn was not true but simply the story one of the suspects used to tell hospital staff. Since the child was located before the official alert was sent out by government officials there was no reason to continue the alert thus we had posted that the alert was cancelled.

I hope this clears up the confusion we have caused and missinformation we had sent. NO OFFICIAL AMBER ALERT WAS SENT! Had the child not been located we are sure the alert process would have gone forward and everyone in the alert zone would had received the official alert tones and message.

We have been in contact with NYS Police and we are now aware that such situations should be handled with more care and we are also now aware to wait until an offical alert has been sent to prevent any misleading information to tunnel through the media and social media.

we GREATLY Apologize for this and we will make sure this never happens again. Please know that our intentions were 100% solely for the prompt notification of a missing child whom was in immediate danger and we had no other intent and/or agendas.

With our deepest apologies we hope you continue to follow us for breaking incidents. Thank You for your understanding of this mistake and Thank You for your continued support and dedication to Erie Co. Blotter.

If you would like to sign up for NYS Amber Alerts. Please follow the link below.


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