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Happy Mothers Day From Erie Co. Blotter.

We at Erie County Blotter would like to wish each and every Mother out there a Very Happy Mothers Day! However some recent tragic events have happened over these past weeks and Mothers Day will never be the same for the select few. From the tragic incident in Akron where a 11 year old girl passed away suddenly to this morning where a mother found her son deceased in his bathroom. Know that even though these incidents bring pain, your loved ones are still with you. their spirits and memories will forever live on. and for the dads out there whom are filling the rolls of Mom and Dad, We tip our hats to you for staying strong and doing your very best. I myself was raised without a Mother and thankfully my Father and Aunt were my Mom figures. you don't have to be the same blood to be someones mother. and for everyone out there that has and continues to fill those shoes for children everywhere, you are truly wonderful people and I wish you the best mothers day ever!

Make sure to Love and give that extra hug to the children and family you love. you never know when you may not be able to do so again.

Please have a Wonderful Mothers Day everyone.

Dave, Chris & Shawn - Erie Co. Blotter.

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