• Erie Co. Blotter.

Funnel Cloud or Water Spout? Numerous Reports throughout Erie, Wyoming & Genesee Counties Yester

We have added some more Videos and Images that were sent in over night from this weather event on 08-19-2017. We have the word out to the National Weather Service Buffalo asking was this a Water Spout or a Funnel Cloud Formation. When we hear back from them, We will report it right away.

Photo & Above Video by Vincent Collins

CO: Don Murtha:

Image By: James Nicolas.

Photo By: James Nicholas

Photos By: Beth Recore:

Images By: Rachel Rae Ronayne

Photo By: Cheryl Belz in Dunkirk

Images By: Laura A Szulgit

Photo's By: Jen Cervellera, Images Taken at McKinley Mall.

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