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First responders - CAN YOU HELP?

A 12-year-old cancer warrior from Alabama is battling ALL or Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and is now home bound due to her illness. So, what makes her happy? Firefighter patches! Mileena says when she gets the patches they make her feel good about herself and are a symbol of the love she has for her parents - her dad is a firefighter and her mom is a paramedic. "Many people don't appreciate first responders. When they say they are fighting my battle with me, it makes me feel good and makes me not want to cry when I feel upset," says Mileena. #FightLikeAGirl is the motto she is sticking by! Mileena plans on keeping the patches and sewing them together into a quilt. She wants to use the quilt to help tell the stories of our brave first responders. So...CAN YOU HELP? You can send her your department's patch, or if you are not from an EMS department, and still wish to help, you can also send her a card or small gift. Mail them to PO Box 7 Riverside, AL 35135. You can address them to Mileena Painter. #HopeRises

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