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Erie County Sheriffs Patrol Logs for Alden and Marilla Sept 29th Through Oct 5th.

09/29/18: First aid responded to an address on Meadow Drive for a report of an elderly female with chest pain. A customer called from Alden State Bank reporting that he had found an ATM card that someone must have dropped. 09/30/18: Detectives from the Sheriff’s Office arrested year old David Miller on charges of grand larceny and trespass for his alleged involvement in stealing metal bridge parts from a local manufacturing firm in Alden and selling them at a scrap yard. Miller was held pending arraignment. The fire department responded to the Marilla Primary School for a report of a dumpster that was on fire. 10/01/18: First aid responded to an address on West Main Street for an elderly person who appeared to be having a seizure. Someone overturned garbage bins at the Marilla Primary School and dumped garbage in the parking lot. 10/02/18: Deputies responded to a report of a disturbance at an apartment on Broadway. A male and his female companion were arguing over medication. A resident of Henskee Road called about a suspicious vehicle at an unoccupied house next door. It was a moving company. 10/03/18: Deputies responded to a report of a larceny at Top’s Market on Broadway. The driver of the vehicle involved left without the male that had stolen a shopping cart full of items. The male attempted to steal two vehicles in the village and was successful at stealing a van from a local business. Detectives from the Sheriff’s Office have identified the suspect who is currently detained in the county jail. The suspect will be charged with multiple charges including three felonies. A resident of Zoeller Road sent an unknown scammer eight hundred dollars in Google Gift Cards. The scammer had called the male stating that his social security number was going to be revokes over a pending court case in Maryland. 10/04/18: A resident of Eastwood Road in Marilla called about water leaking in her house. A neighbor was able to assist her. The water was leaking 10/05/18: A resident of Cary Road received a phone call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft. The complainant gave the person permission to charge her credit card for anti-virus protection. This is a common scam. The complainant is now receiving calls from multiple scammers. Never respond to phone calls or e-mails from individuals who you do not know. It’s often best just to screen all of your calls with an answering machine and to only call back family and friends to screen out all of the people who are trying for scam you. 

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