• Erie Co. Blotter.

Erie County Sheriffs Office Patrol Log for Alden and Marilla. 08/25/18 Through 08/31/18.

08/25/18: A resident of Bush Gardens reported that four males had been banging on her bedroom window. Patrol checked the area with negative results. A burglar alarm was reported at a residence on Four Rod Road. A family member had accidentally set the alarm off. 08/26/18: Deputies responded to a 911 hang up at an address on Exchange Street. A child had been playing with the phone. 08/27/18: A female called from an address on Fairview Drive. Her estranged boyfriend had turned off the water to the apartment that they still share. The male also allegedly turned off the caller’s cell phone. A five year old male was reported missing in the area of West Main Street. He was located at the Alden Town Park. He was riding his big wheel near the community center. 08/28/18: A resident of Emerson Street reported that her vehicle had been vandalized while she was at work at Tops. An unknown liquid had been poured on the vehicle. A motorist reported that an elderly male was trying to wave down cars on Broadway near Town Line. Patrol checked the area with negative results. 08/29/18: A resident of Mercer Drive called about a male that was going door to door selling meat out of a freezer in the back of a pickup truck. 08/30/18: During a random search of a unit at the correctional facility on Walden Avenue, a nineteen year old inmate was charged with possession of cocaine and possession of dangerous contraband. 08/31/18: A resident of East Drive reported that he let his daughter use a vehicle and when she returned the vehicle there were different license plates on the car and that his plates were gone. He was given an mv-78b for a lost/stolen license plate.  

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