• Erie Co. Blotter.

Erie County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Logs For Alden and Marilla from Oct. 26th Through Oct. 31st.

10/26/19: Deputies arrested Fifty one year old Juan Claudio at an address on Genesee Street on a warrant for violation of probation. He was transported to the holding center.

A loose dog was reported on Bullis Road. The dog control officer was notified.

10/27/19: Deputies responded to the West Alden Kitchen for a burglar alarm. The rear door had been forced open and cash was taken from the register. The incident is under investigation.

Someone had gone through several vehicles on East Laray Drive and Greenfield Drive. Change and other small items were taken.

A resident of East Laray Drive reported that her vehicle had been stolen from her driveway during the night. The vehicle was recovered in Buffalo.

10/28/19: A male who was driving a black van was reportedly dumping items at the Broadway Car Wash. Patrol checked the area but the van was gone.

Deputies responded to an address on Two Od Road to assist a female in retrieving property. The female got her items and left without incident.

10/29/19: The fire department responded to an address on Abby Lane for a carbon Monoxide alarm. It was a false alarm.

First aid responded to Four Rod Road for an elderly female who fell in the bathroom and could not get up.


An elderly male fell down after slipping on his driveway. He was transported to the hospital with an ankle injury.

Eviction paperwork was served on the resident of an apartment on Kellogg Street.

Deputies checked Eastwood Road for a report of open burning. The call appeared to be unfounded.

10/31/19: A resident of Boncliff Drive reported that water was coming into the house. The highway department brought sand bags to the complainant.

The fire department responded to an address on Three Rod Road for a report of a flooded basement.

An injury accident was reported at Bullis Road near Four Rod Road. Three people were transported the MAC Center with minor injuries.

11/01/19: Patrols responded to multiple reports of power lines down and alarms going off because of high winds.

A tree fell onto the Road at Broadway and Two Rod Road blocking the roadway.

First Aid responded to Winde Land for a male that was having a heart attack. The male was transported to the hospital.

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