• Erie Co. Blotter.

Erie County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Logs For The Town Of Clarence from Oct 26th Through Nov 1st.

10/26/18: Deputies responded to the area of Lapp Road and Goodrich Road for several calls of a suspicious person walking across people’s property. Twenty three year old Anthony Lowe was charged with possession of stolen property. Lowe had been going through unlocked vehicles looking for change and other small items.

Deputies were able to assist a patron who had left her laptop at the Staybridge Suites on Sheridan Drive. The Laptop was tracked to an address on Swinburne Street in Buffalo where it was recovered. The owner did not wish to pursue charges.

10/27/19: Deputies responded to an address on Westwood Road in Clarence after receiving a report of a man that allegedly pointed a gun at a family member. Thirty six year old David Thomas was charged with menacing in the second degree and criminal possession of a weapon. Thomas had a pistol but did not possess a pistol permit.

The Erie County Sheriff’s Warrant Squad arrested thirty three year old Yichuan Deng on a warrant for the charge of forcible touching. Deng was transported to the holding center pending his appearance in court.

10/28/19: Patrols answered multiple calls for alarms going off due to high winds.

A resident of Brookfield Lane called about a suspicious car in the area. Patrol checked the area and the car was gone.

The fire department responded to Capstone Court for a report of natural gas in the home. There was gas leaking from an appliance.

10/29/19: Deputies were called to an address on Sheridan Drive for a property line dispute. Both subjects were advised. One of the most frequent calls for non-criminal matters is people who are arguing over the property line. There is no reason to call the police because where the property line is, does not fall under New York criminal law.

Deputies responded to a two vehicle accident at the intersection of Min Street and Gunnville Road. Both drivers were evaluated for injuries and both signed off.

10/30/19: A male called police because he was upset over a car that pulled into the neighbor’s driveway at 7:15 blaring the horn until the neighbor comes out. The caller was advised to ask the neighbor to tell his ride to stop blaring the horn.

A male on Westwood had to hand over several weapons because he had been served an order of protection.

10/31/19: Deputies responded to an address on Rockland Drive for a disturbance. A male was having a problem with his twenty year old daughter. An incident report was completed but there were no charges. The female was advised by patrol.

Police handled multiple calls for alarms, downed trees, and traffic signals out of service because of a severe weather in the Clarence Area.

11/01/19: Police and the fire department responded to Woodberry Court for a report of a tree that fell on a residence causing damage. The code enforcement officer also responded to access the damage. Nobody had been hurt.

A female called from Herr Road. She had agreed to pay for phones and cell phone service for a friend. The other person had stopped paying her back She was advised that since they had made a verbal contract then she would have to sue the other person in small claims court to get her money back.

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