• Erie County Sheriff's Office.

Erie County Sheriff's Office Patrol Logs For The Town Of Clarence From March 6th Through 12th.


A caller requested that police come to Eastern Hills Mall to direct Traffic there was an event and they forgot to hire traffic control. People were getting into altercations because of all of the traffic.

The manager of Len-Co Lumber called because their parking lot was blocked by traffic from an event at the Mall. Traffic was backed up on Transit Road near the mall.

A female patron was causing a disturbance at the Stage on Main Street. She ran off prior to patrols arriving.


A resident of Eastbrooke Place reported that someone had gone through unlocked vehicles in his driveway.

A resident of Meadow Glen Drive reported loud music in the area. Patrol drove through the neighborhood and the music had been turned off.

Deputies responded to Keller Road for a report of kids riding dirt bikes on the street. The vehicles were gone when patrol arrived.


A resident of Stahley Road reported that someone had gone through unlocked vehicles sometime during the night.

A caller stated that his teen daughter had run off in the area of Transit Road and Klein Road. Patrol spoke with the girl and the female was taken home to her parents.

The fire department responded to Cobblestone Drive for a fire alarm. It had been set off by burning food.


A caller reported that a man keeps calling her daughter. Patrol left a message for the male to cease contact with the female.

A caller reported debris in the roadway pm Sheridan Drive. The debris was removed by patrol.


The manager of Ultra Beauty reported a theft that occurred a few days prior.

A resident of Samantha Lane reported that someone had filed for unemployment benefits using his personal information.

Patrols responded to a burglar alarm on Brookhaven Drive. The residence appeared to be secure.


A shoplifting occurred at the Eastern Hills Mall. Two females fled in a Nissan sentra prior to the arrival of police.

Deputies responded to a burglar alarm on Main Street. The alarm had been set off by the homeowner.


A resident of West Overlook Drive reported that his personal information had been used to file for fraudulent unemployment benefits.

A caller from Fairfield Road called about a neighbor walking around at night with a flashlight. Patrol viewed the video and no crime was being committed.

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