• Erie Co. Blotter.

Erie County Sheriff's office Patrol Logs for the Town of Clarence from July 11th Through 17th.


Patrol received multiple calls about people asking for money at different businesses on Transit Road. If someone asks you for money either ignore them or tell them no and leave the area.

Patrols responded to a burglar alarm at Burlington Coat Factory. The alarm had been set off by employees.

A resident of Ransom Road stated that someone had thrown a bomb at her house the night before but she was too scared to report it. She reported hearing a single loud explosion around 11:30 P.M.


Deputies responded to a burglar alarm at a business on Main Street. It had been set off by the cleaning person.

Deputies responded to an ongoing property line dispute on Glenwood Drive. The involved parties were advised.

Deputies responded to Candlewood Drive for a report of a disturbance. A female had been drinking and her husband did not want her to take her car and leave. Both parties were advised.


A vehicle was repossessed at a residence on Kraus Road. The owner was aware and turned the vehicle in voluntarily.

Deputies were sent to an address on Jones Road by adult protection services. Patrol spoke with a person at the address and did not witness any issues of concern.

A resident of Sheridan Drive thought that it was strange that a person would show up at his door asking questions because he filled out his census on line.


A vehicle was repossessed at a residence on Wolcott Road. The owner was aware.

A resident of Wolcott Road stated that a male was harassing his business by making false claims. The caller was advised that he should speak to an attorney because that is a civil issue.

A resident of Strickler Road was notified that someone had applied for unemployment benefits using his personal information.

A fifteen year old male took his sisters car and sideswiped another car at an address on Main Street. The male drove off because he didn’t have a license. Patrol found him at his residence. An accident report was completed.


Deputies charged thirty-one-year old Michael Stranahan with grand larceny in the fourth degree for allegedly stealing from his employer at an address on Transit Road. Approximately fifteen hundred dollars in property was stolen.

A resident of Candlewood Lane reported that he thought someone was going through cars in the area. Patrol checked the area with negative results.

A caller reported seeing a low flying plane in northern Clarence. They were afraid that the plane had gone down. The plane landed at Akron Airport without incident.


Deputies were called to Calvin’s Furniture for a report of fraudulent purchases made on a stolen credit card. The incident is under investigation.

An unknown person dumped an old couch on the property at Saint Mary’s Church on Transit Road.


The manager of Burlington Coat factory reported that a male had stolen several items. The incident is under investigation.

The fire department responded to a fire alarm on Bryant and Stranton Way. It was a false alarm.

Deputies are investigating a shoplifting incident that occurred at Walmart.

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