• Erie Co. Blotter.

Erie County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Logs For The Town Of Clarence From Feb 20th Through Feb 26th.



A resident of Garden Walk Drive reported that someone had filled for unemployment benefits using his personal information.

A resident of Northfield Road is having an issue with neighbors who are trespassing and riding snowmobiles on his property.

A resident of Oakdale Lane reported that someone had gone through all of their unlocked vehicles. Two people in ski masks left in an older full-size vane with the lights off.


Deputies responded to a report of a one vehicle accident on Salt Road. A car had slid into the ditch and needed to be pulled out by a tow truck.

A male called from Ransom Road reporting that he had hit a deer. His vehicle was drivable and he was not injured.


A burglar alarm was set off at a business on Main Street. It had been set off by an employee.

A caller stated that he had purchased a storage trailer from the people who live on the corner of Stricker Road and County Road when he went to pick the trailer up the male refused to give him the item because the people were going through a divorce. He was advised to sue the person in small claims court.

A resident of Goodrich Road received a call from a male pretending to be a family member who claimed that he needed ten thousand dollars because he had damaged someone’s car in an accident. The caller took ten thousand dollars from the bank and took it to the UPS Store on transit Road. The responding deputy was able to intercept the cash before it was shipped out to the fraudster. The cash was returned to the caller.


Deputies arrested thirty-one-year old Emanuel Dujon on petit larceny charges. Loss prevention at Wal-Mart had determine that Dujon had stole items from the store on serval dates. The value of the property was less than one thousand dollars. Dujon was also terminated and banned from the store.

A resident of Northfield Road reported that there were fresh footprints around the perimeter of his house. Nothing appears to be missing.


A caller reported that her vehicle had been struck by an unknown vehicle while it was parked on Bank Street in Clarence.

Deputies responded to an alarm at the Clarence Highway Department. It had been set off by an employee.


Detectives from the Sheriff’s Office arrested twenty-two-year-old Mario McGee on a charge of grand larceny in the third degree. McGee had stolen several thousand dollars in unemployment benefits from a male who resides on Main Street by having the unemployment debit card be diverted to his address in Buffalo. McGee was arraigned in Clarence Court and was released.

A resident of Arondale Drive reported that someone filed for unemployment benefits using her personal information.

A resident of the Fairways called about a truck sitting in front of her house which was making her nervous. The male was dropping off a phone at a different address that his friend had left in his truck.


A resident of Raintree Court reported that someone filed for unemployment benefits using her personal information.

The owner of a business in Clarence Center reported that a male came into the store making threats to people. A male appeared to be having some sort of breakdown did not make any direct threat to hurt anyone and then stormed out. The person may have been under the influence according to witnesses.

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