• Erie County Sheriff's Office.

Erie County Sheriff's Office Patrol Logs For The Town Of Clarence From April 17th Through April 23rd


The owner of an abandoned vacant home on Salt Road called about the damage done to the windows. It appears that perhaps kids have been shooting at the windows with bb guns.

Three teenagers were climbing on the roof at Sheridan Hill Elementary School. Patrol spoke with the kids and advised their parents what they had been doing.


An irate female called because a male driver had taken the parking spot that she wanted and then they had words and she was upset because he was calling her names. She called back to cancel because the male left.

Deputies responded to a disturbance on Thompson Road. A female was arguing with her mother. Both individuals were advised.

A caller reported that a male was trespassing on the property next door to him and he felt that the male was stealing wood. The male had permission to be there.


A male caller reported that there was an injured goose in a parking lot on Transit Road. The caller stated that a woman was walking her dog and he thinks the dog attacked the goose. The male confronted the woman and she told him that her dog did not hurt the goose and then started cursing and calling him names.

A resident of Martin Road reported that someone used his personal information to put in a fraudulent claim for unemployment benefits.


A resident of Susan Drive reported hearing a woman screaming outside. Patrols checked the area but nobody was around.

A caller was upset because a male was at Sunset Park on the football field driving golf balls. The male was not breaking any laws.


An employee called from the 7-11 on Main Street reported a strong smell of natural gas in the building. The fire department responded but could not detect any gas leak.

An elderly male called 911 and reported that someone had called claiming to be his grandson and instructed the male to get a large sum of cash from the bank to send him money for bail. This is a scam.


A resident of Xavier Drive reported that someone had used his personal information to submit a claim for unemployment.

A caller claimed that his car had been damaged by the car wash on Transit Road. The caller was advised to contact the corporate number to file a complaint and if that did not work to file a suit in small claims court.


A caller reported that a male was exposing himself to customers at Sunoco on Transit Road. Police checked the surrounding area but could not find a male meeting the description of the subject.

A male tried to push out a cart full of goods from Walmart without paying. He fled the area in a black Honda Civic. The incident is under investigation.

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