• Erie Co. Blotter.

Erie County Sheriff's Office Patrol Logs for the Marilla and Alden from 1/25 through 1/31.

01/25/20: A fire alarm was going off at a residence on South Woodside Drive. There were several people smoking at the residence and that smoke set off a smoke detector. First aid responded to an address on Four Rod Road for a person that fell and injured their toe. The person was transported to the Mercy ambulatory care center. 01/26/20: A burglar alarm was reported at a Tree Service located on Broadway in Alden. The alarm had been set off by employees. A suspicious vehicle was located at the Alden Town Park. The occupants were advised that they had to leave because the park was closed. 01/27/20: First aid responded to Bonnie Lake Drive for an ill person. The person was transported to the hospital. First Aid responded to an address on Two Rod Road for a lift assist. 01/28/20: Deputies responded to a disturbance where a male was allegedly in possession of a knife. Twenty nine year old Matthew Westfield was charged with assault on an officer, resisting arrest and obstruction of governmental administration. A deputy was treated at the hospital for a laceration to his forehead. A male called from an address on Broadway claiming that someone had stolen a load of firewood. The person called the complainant and returned to give him a check for the wood. Multiple cars slid off the road on Crittenden Road because of icy road conditions. Two cars needed to be towed because of damage. 01/29/20: Deputies investigated a possible disabled vehicle on Clinton Street. The driver was on the phone calling for a tow. First aid responded to an address on Clinton Street for a person who was ill. The person was transported to the hospital. 01/30/20: A 911hang up call was reported at a residence on Gebhard Lane. Nobody was home when patrol checked the residence. First aid responded to an address on Henskee Road for a person with a back injury. 01/31/20: Twenty one year old Joseph Kliszak was charged with felony level aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, driving while intoxicated, refusal to take a roadside screening device, and Switched plates. Kliszak was stopped by deputies in the Village of Alden and he subsequently failed sobriety tests. He also refused to take a breath test to determine the alcohol content of his blood. He was turned over to a sober third party on traffic tickets.

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