• Erie Co. Blotter.

Erie County Sheriff's Office Patrol Logs for Marilla and Alden from Oct 10th Through Oct 23rd.

(Sorry for the delay! Deputies Have Been Very Busy Lately).


A resident of Three Rod called about yelling and screaming at one of the homes nearby. Patrol checked the area with negative results. The caller called back and said the loud people were now threatening her for calling police. All involved parties were advised by police.

First aid responded to Marion Drive for a male experiencing side pain. He had just gotten out of the hospital for a kidney issue.


A thirty seven year old inmate was charged with assault in the second degree after he injured another inmate at the correctional facility on Walden Avenue. The other male was taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

A resident of Rusher Drive reported unauthorized withdraws from her bank account. The incident is under investigation.


A caller reported finding a young child wandering down the street on Exchange Street. The Parents were not aware that the child had snuck out.

A resident of Two Rod Road reported that a trailer and an ATV had been stolen from his driveway sometime during the night.


Deputies responded to a burglar alarm at an address on Three Rod Road. The residence appeared to be secure.

A resident of South Woodside Drive reported that a political sign was taken.

Deputies responded to Genesee Street for a report of a car in the ditch. The vehicle was pulled out by a tow truck. The driver claimed to have been run off of the road by another vehicle.


A resident of Fairview Drive called 911 because she was upset about getting junk mail that was asking her for money. She was advised to not send any money or personal information because it was most likely a scam.


A caller reported that she felt that someone had spiked the Jello shots at a wedding reception over the weekend. The incident allegedly occurred at the American Legion Post at a private party. She reported it several days later and did not have any evidence of it occurring. With a incident like this it’s important to call immediately and not wait several days.

A resident of Westwood Road called because her teenage son was freaking out because she cleaned his bedroom. Deputies advised the male to clean it himself if he did not want his mother to go in his room.


A resident of Wende Road reported that packages were taken from her porch or delivered to the wrong address.

A resident of Three Rod Road reported that an unknown person drove by shooting fireworks out of a vehicle. Patrols checked the area.


Deputies responded to Winde Lane in Marilla for a male who is screaming at a photographer and her clients. The caller was advised. That he was yelling because she was trespassing.

A caller from Buckwheat Road called about gunshots in the area. She was advised it was just the shooting Range in the area.


A resident of Sullivan Road reported that the license plates were stolen from his vehicle.

Patrols responded to a disturbance on Exchange Street. A female was detained and turned over to Lancaster Police on outstanding warrants.


Deputies responded to Tops Market for a 911 hang up. It was accidental by an employee.

First Aid responded to an address on Broadway for a person who was having chest pain. The person was transported to the hospital.


A resident of Crittenden Road called about a loud boom and the power was out in Alden. A transformer blew up and several thousand customers lost power.

First Aid responded to an address on Genesee Street. A male was transported to the hospital for difficulty breathing.


Sheriff’s detectives are investigating multiple fraudulent checks that were cashed through a business account at the Alden State Bank. Most of the ficticious checks were passed at various Tops Markets.


Mark Kozlowski was charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle in the third degree and leaving the scene of an accident at an address on Hemstreet Road after he drove his vehicle into the ditch near the address fled on foot.

Benjamin Perkins turned himself in to Sheriff’s Deputies at the Elma Station and he was charged with assault in the second degree and criminal possession of a weapon. The original offense was at an address on Two Rod Road in Marilla in September.


A resident of Uebeloer Road reported that someone had blown up her mailbox with fireworks sometime during the night.

A pickup drove into the ditch on Two Rod Road. The driver was taken to the hospital because he had suffered a medical emergency while driving.

Deputies responded to Clinton Street for a roll over accident. A power pole was broken and power lines were down on the ground. The driver was not injured.

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