• Erie Co. Blotter.

Erie County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Logs for Marilla and Alden from 6/29 Through 7/5.

06/29/19: A male caller wanted patrol to help him retrieve his dog from his ex-girlfriends residence on Townline Road. The other involved subject disputed that the dog was his. He was advised that he did not have adequate documentation to prove that the dog was his.

A suspicious vehicle was reported on Porterville Road. A male is currently homeless and is living in his vehicle (Pontiac Vibe).

06/30/19: A resident of Meadowvale Drive reported that his neighbor had tried to run him over with a vehicle a few days prior.

Deputies were called to a business on Exchange Street for a burlar alarm. The building appeared to be secure.

07/01/19: Deputies responded to an alarm at Quest Laboratories on Broadway. There is an ongoing problem at that address with employees who do not have the proper code.

07/02/19: A resident of Lyndale Lane called about a neighbor who lets eight to ten year old children operate an ATV on the street. It is illegal to operate an ATV or a dirt bike on the road or the sidewalk as it is an unregistered and uninsured vehicle. Placing a red triangle on the vehicle does not mean it is “farm equipment” like a tractor. Large farm equipment like tractors and combines are a special vehicle. An ATV must only be driven on your own private property. If you leave your own property it must be registered and insured. The public highway is not private property. It is also illegal to let a child younger than sixteen operate an ATV unsupervised. They should also have completed the ATV safety course.

07/03/19: Deputies went to Kellogg Street for a landlord/tenant issue. The caller had moved out of one apartment into a new apartment. She was upset because her old landlord had spoken to her new landlord. She was advised that that is not a violation of the law.

07/04/19: Deputies responded to a disturbance on Kellogg Street. A male and a female had been drinking. The woman’s sister came and took her away for the night.

Deputies stopped a vehicle on Genesee Street for a speeding infraction. Twenty six year old Joscelyne Gibbons was also charged with operating a vehicle with no insurance and driving with a suspended registration. She was released on traffic tickets pending her appearance in Alden Court.

07/05/19: Deputies responded to Park Street for a report of a disturbance. An uncooperative female stated that her boy-friend had been shoving her around. There was nobody else in the apartment.

Deputies were called to a residence on Two Rod Road for a disturbance. A man and his wife had both been drinking. He was accusing her of trying to pick a fight with him. They were going to sleep in different rooms for the night.

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