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Erie Co. Sheriff’s PBA Press Release In Regards to Orchard Park Guilty Verdict.

Erie County Sheriffs PBA

P.O. Box 932

Orchard Park, New York 14127



The verdict from Orchard Park yesterday is unfortunately a setback for ALL local law enforcement. While the PBA must accept the decision of the jury, we as police officers are left with a number of concerns as to the basis of facts in this case. Those concerns have never been addressed by the District Attorney. In fact, this District Attorney has attacked the credibility and integrity of our members in a case where the complainant admitted in his own testimony he was NOT compliant with the police.

This case is just one recent example where the District Attorney has negatively impacted a PBA member; we will never forget his office arguing for leniency when a defendant was accused of assaulting a PBA member on Grand Island.

We will continue to honor our oath to serve and protect Erie County, knowing, this District Attorney has made an already difficult job more dangerous.

Christian Parisi

PBA President


*Due to our support to local law enforcement officers we at Erie Co. Blotter will not release any further details in regards to this case. We Wish Deputy Achtyl the Very Best from this day forward..

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