• Erie Co. Blotter.

Erie Co. Sheriff’s Office Patrol Logs From The Town Of Clarence, 06/22 Through 06/28.

06/22/19: A deputy was patrolling Wolcott Road during the early morning hours and located a vehicle parked in the traffic lane with the engine running. The deputy went up to the driver’s side window and the female driver appeared confused and had trouble lowering the window to speak with the deputy. The female failed various sobriety tests and was arrested for driving while intoxicated. Thirty seven year old Megan Bush was processed at the Clarence station where she submitted to a breath test. The test showed that her blood alcohol content was .17 of one percent ar about twice the legal limit.

There have been multiple reports of subjects going door to door attempting to sell magazines. All people who wish to sell door to door, must obtain a permit from the town of Clarence. You are under no obligation to answer the door or talk to people if they come to your door. But selling things is not necessarily a violation of a law.

06/23/19: Deputies apprehended twenty five year old Zhane Garrett as she tried to flee Walmart on foot as loss prevention staff caught her shoplifting. Garrett was charged with petit larceny for stealing approximately two hundred and fifty dollars in merchandise.

A burglar alarm was reported on Hunt Club Lane. The residence appeared to be secure.

06/24/19: Deputies responded to a report of an erratic driver on Main Street in Clarence. Deputies stopped a vehicle that was being driven by fifty two year old Richard Hooton. Hooton failed sobriety tests and was arrested for aggravated driving while intoxicated. Hooton was also charged with felony aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle because his license was revoked for an alcohol related conviction. Hooton’s breath test showed that his blood alcohol content was .27 of one percent or over three times the legal limit.

There is an ongoing issue in the Spaulding Lakes neighborhood for calls to police for teens operating golf carts on the roadway. Parents should encourage responsible behavior from our teens. A golf cart should not be driven anywhere other than your own private property. Unregistered and uninsured vehicles should not be operating on any street or sidewalk.

06/25/19: Deputies stopped a vehicle on Harris Hill Road because the drive was not wearing a seatbelt. Twenty six year old Warren Anderson was charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle in the third degree and operating out of class. He was driving a commercial vehicle without the proper license.

06/26/19: A notice of pistol permit suspension was served at an address on Cloverleaf Circle. A weapon was turned over for safe keeping.

06/27/19: Deputies responded to a disturbance on Chesley Court. A nineteen year old male was arrested for criminal contempt (violating an order of protection), criminal mischief and menacing with a weapon. The male was remanded to the county jail pending arraignment in Clarence Court.

A twenty one year old male was arrested on a warrant for grand larceny. The man allegedly had stolen a television and cash from a room at a motel room on Main Street in Clarence a few weeks ago. The male was remanded to the county jail pending arraignment.

06/28/19: Deputies were called to an address on Brookhaven Drive for a disturbance. A confused adult had called 911.

A burglar alarm was reported at an address on Clarence Center Road. It had been set off by the homeowner.

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