• Erie Co. Blotter.

Erie Co. Sheriff's Office Patrol Logs for Town of Clarence From 05/04 to 05/10.

05/04/19: A caller reported that her credit card had been used to make a fraudulent purchase at an unknown sprint store location. The fire department responded to an apartment complex on Main Street for smoke in an apartment. Some oil had splashed out of the pan onto the burner. 05/05/19: A resident of Hidden Oak Drive reported that a group of five youths was ringing doorbells in the area. Parents should teach their children to be responsible and respectful members of the community. Harassing and pranking neighbors is neither. A resident of Lapp Road reported that an older Ford Explorer had stopped at his mailbox and appeared to be going through his mail before leaving. 05/06/19: Deputies responded to Gaskin Road for a male that was freaking out at his parent’s house. A fifty six year old Male was highly combative and fought with police. The male was charged with obstruction of governmental administration, harassment and resisting arrest. He was released on appearance tickets and was transported for an evaluation. A resident of Ainsley court reported that his wife had told him that a male had come to the house claiming to be a police officer and showed her a badge. The male claimed to be investigating a burglary in the area. The caller claimed that the person also asked for his wife’s social security number. After speaking other people in the neighborhood, the initial complainant appears to be a misunderstanding. A State Police investigator had spoken to several people in the area about an old case in the neighborhood. The other neighbors reported that the officer had shown proper credentials and did not ask any personal information. (An excellent example of how people often have the same experience yet perceive what actually happened differently). 05/07/19: Deputies responded to a shoplifting complaint at Party City. The incident is under investigation and police have identified a person of interest. Deputies apprehended a thirty four year old female after she fled on foot from Walmart on Transit Road after stealing items from the store. The female was charged with petit larceny and possession of stolen property. 05/08/19: The manager of the Goodwill Store on Transit Road stated that a male was harassing people in the parking lot. The male was gone when patrol arrived. Deputies were called to a disturbance on Greiner Road. A female left for the night and an incident report was completed. 05/09/19: A resident of Main Street reported that sometime during the night a large piece of concrete was thrown though the rear window of his vehicle. Nothing appears to have been taken from the vehicle. Deputies are investigating a theft of services that occurred at a restaurant on Transit Road. A Main Street auto dealership reported that someone had stolen a rear bumper from a vehicle sometime during the night. 05/10/19: A thirty three year old male from Lockport was charged with petit larceny. The man had allegedly stolen money from the cash register in April of this year when he was working at a local convenience store.

Deputies responded to a wooded area behind Rocco’s Pizza on Transit Road for a male that was acting strange. The male claimed that he was exercising. Although he was acting strange, he was not violating any laws.

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