• Erie Co. Blotter.

Erie Co. Sheriff’s Office Patrol Logs For The Town Of Clarence from 6/8/19 Through 6/14/19.

06/08/19: Deputies responded to an address on Main Street for a report of a disturbance. Patrol spoke with a male and a female. They stated that they had had an argument and that the male was going to a friend’s house for the night. No offences had been committed.

Patrol investigated a complaint of ATV’s riding in the street on Old Goodrich Road. Patrol spoke to a male and advised him that riding the vehicle on the street is against the law.

06/09/19: A resident of Greiner Road reported that someone had ransacked the house when she was at work. She did not believe that anything was missing.

A resident of Thompson Road called from work to report that she could see a male in a small blue car sitting in her driveway. She stated that she got an alert from her security system. The vehicle was gone when patrol arrived.

06/10/19: Deputies pulled over a vehicle on Transit Road for making an unsafe lane change and for failing to use a turn signal. Fifty year old Jarvis Jones was also charged with driving while impaired by drugs and drinking from an open container of alcohol in a moving vehicle. Jones was processed and was released on traffic tickets.

Deputies are investigating a theft of a television from a room and a motel on Main Street.

06/11/19: Deputies responded to Tully’s on Main Street for an unruly male who was refusing to leave. The male had left prior to the arrival of police.

A female called police to check on her boyfriend whom she had not heard from in several days. The male has been on a vacation with other family members in Europe.

06/12/19: A resident of Coyote Court called about two young men who were selling cleaning supplies door to door. Patrols checked the area with negative results. You are under no obligation to answer the door for people who are going door to door. As long as people have a peddling permit there is also no reason to call the police. A permit to peddle can be obtained at the town hall.

A woman called from an address on Greiner Road reporting that her husband was throwing her property out. It was a verbal argument only and the female went to a friend’s house for the night.

06/13/19: Deputies responded to a report of a disturbance on Chesley Court in the town of Clarence. A nineteen year old male was charged with harassment, criminal mischief and menacing in the third degree. The male was arraigned at town court and released.

Fifty-six year old Jeffrey Ridgeway was charged with petit larceny and a controlled substance violation after he was apprehended while stealing sneakers at J. C. Penney on Transit Road.

06/14/19: A nineteen year old male from Clarence is facing multiple charges including Burglary, grand larceny criminal mischief and unauthorized use of a vehicle after he broke into Don Georger Motor Sports on Main Street and took a dirt bike. The male is also facing charges for possession a stolen hand gun which was taken from a business in the Town of Newstead during a separate incident.

A resident of Main Street reported that she received a call from someone from Texas who claimed to be a police officer. The person stated that they had located a vehicle with stolen credit cards in her name in it. The person then asked for the complainant’s social security number and other personal information. It was most likely a scam.

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