• Erie Co. Blotter.

Erie Co. Sheriff’s Office Patrol Logs for Marilla and Alden. Jan 26th – Feb 1st (2019)

01/26/19: First aid responded to an address on Four Rod Road for a report of a male having a seizure. The male was evaluated and he signed off and did not go to the hospital.

01/27/19: A male called from Three Rod Road reporting that he was plowing his driveway and the neighbor threw a can of paint at him and called him names. The other male admitted to throwing a snowball at the truck because he claimed that the neighbor nearly ran him over.

A resident of Crittenden Road reported that someone had stolen three winning lottery tickets from his residence.

01/28/19: Deputies served a warrant on sixty three year old Robert Sojda for violation of probation. Sojda was being held at the county correctional facility on unrelated charges.

A resident of Townline Road was scammed out of six hundred dollars in a fake internet computer repair scam.

01/29/19: Deputies responded to a disturbance on Broadway in the village of Alden. A male and a female were arguing. They had both been drinking. They were advised to go to separate rooms and to go to bed.

01/30/19: Patrols answered multiple calls for vehicles off of the road because of bad weather.

Police and first aid personal responded to Hemstreet Road for a possible overdose with medication. A male was transported to the hospital.

01/31/19: First aid responded to Irving Street for a female that had fallen. The woman was transported to the hospital.

Deputies responded to a rear end accident on South Newstead Road. Neither party was injured.

02/01/19: A 911 hang up was reported at a residence on Genesee Street. All of the lights were out. The residents were either sleeping or nobody was home.

A resident of Townline Road reported that their seventeen year old daughter was missing. The female returned home after several hours. She had been with a friend.

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