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Erie Co. Sheriff's Office Patrol Logs For Marilla and Alden From 7/23 Through 8/2.


Deputies responded to an apartment complex on Broadway in the Village of Alden A male was screaming at his mother because she was taking the license plates off of his car. The female had registered that car for her son but was turning the plates because he had been driving recklessly. She was free to take the plates and leave. The male was advised to go the department of motor vehicles and pay for his own registration.

Deputies were called to investigate a suspicious male at the 7-11 store on Walden Avenue. The male’s car had broken down. Patrol gave the male a ride to Depew where he lived.


 Deputies responded to an accident between a motorcycle and a van on Bullis Road. The driver of the van was put through standard field sobriety tests by a traffic investigator and investigators took his statement. The male submitted to a blood test. Charges are pending.

Deputies responded to an accident involving a fourteen year old who fell off of an all-terrain vehicle on Westwood Road. The child was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

A male called from an address on Broadway claiming that his ex-girlfriend had stolen his phone. The female admitted to taking the phone but had given it to the males mother all subjects were advised.


A male called from an address on Bayview Drive and stated that there were people trying to get in. Patrol checked the area with negative results.


Twenty six year old Brandon Moore was arrested on an outstanding warrant while he was being held at the county correctional facility on unrelated charges. He was charged with harassment and forcible touching.

A female called from an address on Bullis Road. Another female was driving by her house and harassing her on Facebook. The female wanted an order of protection but the criminal court doesn’t issue orders of protection for harassment level offenses. The other female denied the alleged behavior.


Forty seven year old Hugh Smith was arrested after he was found to be in possession of a home-made knife in the county correctional facility. Smith was charged with possession of dangerous contraband. 

Deputies were called to Zoeller Road for a landlord tenant dispute. The landlord claims that the people have been evicted and are squatting. There was no record of a legal evection.


 Deputies were called back the Zooeller Road and two cousins are in a dispute over the rental property. The caller was upset because the other subject had stopped in front of the house to take pictures. It is not illegal to take pictures of houses, property or people in a public place. No offense committed.

A business owner from an address on Broadway reported that someone had stolen had stolen aluminum molding for a 1961 Chevy Bel-Air.

Deputies responded to a disturbance between two males at an address on Exchange Street. One male had left prior to patrols arrival.


The Fire Department responded to South Bonnie Lake Drive for a report of a fire. The person on scene had burned some food and the house had filled with smoke.

A resident of Porterville Road reports that she was scammed out of several thousand dollars by a person who claimed to be from Microsoft support.


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