• Erie Co. Blotter.

Erie Co. Sheriff’s Office Patrol Logs for Clarence from 4/20-4/26.

04/20/19: Deputies were called to Lakestone Court for a custody dispute. The caller claimed that his ex-wife was denying him visitation. Patrol spoke with the children and they did not wish to go. The complainant was advised to deal with the issue at family court.

A person called from WalMart because he was unable to locate his car in the lot. He believed that it may have been stolen. The vehicle was located by patrol.

04/21/19: A male called from a motel on Main Street claiming that he was afraid to get out of his car because another male had been harassing him. Both men were advised by patrol.

04/22/19: The manager of NOCO on Main Street reported an incident of theft by an employee. The incident is under investigation.

A loose dog was reported in the area of Fireside Drive. There is an ongoing issue with a resident who lets a Husky run around off leash. The dog control officer was contacted.

04/23/19: Deputies responded to a report of a disturbance on Bodine Road. A male and a female were arguing and throwing things around. The male left for the night and an incident report was completed.

A disturbance was reported at a residence on Spaulding Drive. A male left for the night and an incident report was completed.

04/24/19: Deputies responded to an erratic driving complaint on Main Street in Clarence. Fifty six year old Darryl Carmichael was charged with aggravated unlicensed operation, operating without insurance and making an unsafe lane change. He was released on traffic tickets pending his appearance in Clarence Court.

Forty four year old Donnaann Holden and Forty eight year old Kevin Knapik were charged with petit larceny after exiting Walmart with approximately one hundred and twenty dollars in groceries without paying. They were processed and released on appearance tickets.

Deputies arrested thirty eight year old Kevin Keller on three outstanding warrant s at an address on Transit Road. Keller had warrants out of three different courts for traffic charges and controlled substance violations. He was turned over to Amherst police.

04/25/19: Fifty five year old Brenda Huston was charged with petit larceny and possession of stolen property after stealing items worth approximately one hundred and twenty dollars from a retail shop on Goodrich Road. The owner noticed the theft on surveillance video. Huston was identified because she filled out a raffle ticket at the store with her name and address.

A resident of White Acres Road reported an incident of identity theft. He got a collection notice for a cell phone that he did not have any knowledge of.

04/26/19: The manager of a Transit Road Jewelry store reported that someone had made a fraudulent purchase of an item for two thousand dollars.

A resident of Clearview Drive suspects that an unknown person was in his house when he and his wife were at work. His wife had found mud in the house when she got home. She had cleaned it up because she assumed that he had been in the house with muddy shoes.

***Citizens are advised to always lock their doors

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