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Erie Co. Sheriff’s Deputies Arrest Visitor Caught Bringing Contraband to Jail Inmate.

On 8/26/19 Inmate Corey Green was visited at the ECHC today by Candace Johnson.  Inmate Green was on a watch list for suspected contraband activities and the visit was being monitored by Sgt. Gleason.  Sgt Gleason did observe Candace Johnson retrieve suspected contraband from her bra on multiple occasions, and then pass small packages over the visitor partition to inmate Green on four separate occasions.  Inmate Green swallowed all four packages of contraband when approached by Sgt. Gleason.  A subsequent interview of Candace Johnson revealed that the contraband that was passed to Inmate Green was marijuana and matches.  Johnson admits to having passed contraband on at least two prior occasions, and was paid $100.00 to do so on each prior occasion.  Johnson then identified Alysia Harris as the person she gets the marijuana and matches from on the street, and as the person who pays her the $100.00 after she completes the visit.  Harris was waiting near the ECHC today, with Candace Johnson’s less than one year old child in the car.  Johnson was told to call Harris after the visit, and that Harris would pick Johnson up at the jail.  Harris was observed pulling up in front of the ECHC with Johnson’s young child in the car, and as officers approached she attempted to flee south on Delaware Ave., but was unable to do so as she was boxed in. An inventory of Harris’ vehicle led to the recovery of additional suspected marijuana and/or spice, packaging balloons, and Harris’ phone.

Johnson’s small child was turned over to her mother and Child Protective Services was notified.

All three co-conspirators are charged with conspiracy, promoting prison contraband, and possession of marijuana.

Inmate Green is additionally charged with tampering with physical evidence.

Johnson is additionally charged with Endangering the Welfare of a Child.

All are lodged in the ECHC pending arraignment.

Passing of the contraband was recorded on ECHC surveillance equipment.

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