• Erie Co. Blotter.

Donation Request. Please Help Us.

We would like to ask our supporters and followers if they could Kindly help us with Donations. We have not raised any money this year to support any causes due to financial constraints and we would LOVE to replenish our decals, get shirts, patches, challenge coins or whatever we can to give away to our beloved supporters. But we can not do this ourselves.

If you could Kindly take a minute or two and deeply consider a small donation we will put you immediately onto a list to get whatever materials we order first hand.

IF you can help, Please click on this PayPal Button Below to make your donation. Every Dollar Helps and if you've received items from us in the past, you will know we don't order cheap items that don't last. We really look forward to your help and to show you whats to come on the next give-away.

Thank You Greatly!

Dave & Shawn - Erie Co. Blotter

If PayPal Button is not working, Please try this link: PAYPAL DONATION

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