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First Off, I'd like to say Thank You to the 7000+ Facebook Followers we have and the 7000+ People who have pressed the Like Button and continue to follow us. In the time we have been here I never thought Erie Co. Blotter would grow as big as it has. See in the beginning, I wanted to find a way to remain active in the Emergency Services Field since I am disabled from an on the job injury I had back in July of 2000. Some of you that personally know me have been witness to my uphill battles I have had to face and 5 Spinal Surgeries later, I'm currently seeking the Best of the Best Doctors out there to not only complete my 6th surgery but also possibly help with my fight with daily pain. I have given up Photography because it was too painful to enjoy and now Erie Co. Blotter is my ONLY way to remain active in a job I LOVED waking up and going to every day. Thankfully I have a Beautiful and Wonderful Support system I call my Better Half and has made many sacrifices to help me with the website in regards to paying the Hosting and Web address fee's. In June I must make another payment to keep the website active and I was hoping that I could lift the burden off her shoulders and ask for donations from my followers to keep Erie Co. Blotter Alive.

Also many people have noticed our new "Official" logo,

(Image Below)

and have asked how they could get stickers to help show their support. I am humbled that even one person has asked but then more and more people have asked. so I did some searching and found a company that could print these for us however the first order would be a minimum of $100. I Personally don't have the money to spend on these to hand out. I wish I did but I don't. Thus I am also asking for donations to get stickers ordered and if anyone who helps with donating I will personally ship you 2 decals when the order arrives. (There will be an option for you to enter in your shipping address when you click the Paypal Donation button). I really did not know how to approach this with asking for donations as I don't seek handouts. Everyone who knows me will tell you that I give my last breath to someone who needs it more than I would. So I guess I'm just going to leave it at that. PLEASE Help me keep Erie Co. Blotter Alive at the very least. Please, Can you help? ANYTHING WILL HELP! I'm not asking a minimum amount at all. even a dollar helps. So if you can and are interested, Please use the link below. Thank You Again from the bottom of my heart for all that you guys have done thus far to keep Erie Co. Blotter as popular as it is today. Hopefully we can continue for many years to come. God Bless.


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