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Cheektowaga Police Update on Pamphlet Drop.

The Cheektowaga Police Department in their continuing investigation into the controversial pamphlets has canvassed the area where the drops occurred (Standard Pkwy and Edmund St.). The pamphlets published by the Racial Nationalist Party of America, with a Lockport PO Box return address, contain Racial and Religious wording that are offensive. Detectives were able to locate and identify the disseminator of these materials. This individual admitted to doing the drops. The drops were random and not targeted according to the individual. He further stated that he will continue to do these pamphlet drops. Detectives consulted with representatives of the Erie County District Attorney’s Office who stated that no criminal charges could be filed. The Cheektowaga Police will be issuing the individual a Summons for Littering. The individual’s name was forwarded to the FBI, Niagara County Sheriff’s Office, and Lockport Police.

***Erie Co. Blotter has chosen NOT to republish the materials that were sent out as we do not support Hate and/or Hateful Groups or Propaganda.***

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