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Can You Help Us With A Small Donation To Keep Us Moving Forward?

As most of you are aware, Erie Co. Blotter is a self funded emergency notification media site geared towards our First Responders and dedicated to our Law Enforment Officers on the front lines. Two old disabled farts run this operation and we solely rely on our own budgets to get items for people like you to promote and/or entertain our followers with items such as decals. We have for years now attempted to raise money for Patches, Challenge Coins, Tee Shirts and/or Hats to give to our followers and fans. We have yet been able to reach this goal. Thankfully we have very dedicated followers such as Kim Rotzler whom donated her decal winnings from Sticker Mule to give to us and those decals are now being sent our to our followers whom have submitted a SASE. We sadly cannot even afford to mail items to you at our own expense at this moment in time. We are growing though. In 2016 I started this as a hobby to entertain myself and kill time and it’s now turned into a well respected media outlet with currently 44,000+ followers and is rising every day. We cannot thank each and every one of you enough for your dedication, support and most of all, your love for our service. We truly are a one of a kind notification site that covers many incidents that big media giants won’t. Now that we are in 2020, we have the same goals as we always had and we also have bills to pay. Our website is nearly $300. A year to keep it going with the web address & hosting costs. As you may notice what is different from our site as to others is we DONT have paid advertising on our website. We have and always will allow advertising to be free of charge on our website and we always try to limit advertising to emergency services related ads. We are not here to make money. We are here to notify the public and keep on and off duty first responders in the know. But to continue to do this, we need your help. Not only am I seeking to keep our website alive, I’d love to offer our followers the items listed above as we often get requests if we have any shirts or decals to hand out. With 44k followers, if we could get each and every one of you to make a small donation of a Dollar or even up to Five Dollars, we can make this happen and more than likely get other items our fans and followers might be interested in receiving. But we do need your help to make this happen. If you could please make a donation and share this post to people whom you think might be able to help it would GREATLY be appreciated and all people whom donate will be first in line to get whichever items we order. If you would kindly and generously click the link below to make a small donation we will forever be in your debt. We thank YOU for your support as it’s because of you that we are where we are today and where we will be tomorrow. And tomorrow only brings growth because of our amazing fans.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to read this and thank you so very much for whatever help you can offer. Please make sure to share this as we need as much help as we possibly can get right now.

Thank You! God Bless! And I Pray EVERYONE is staying Safe and Staying Healthy.

Talk with you again soon.

Shawn & Dave.

Erie County Blotter.

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