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Alden - Water Main Break with Mandatory Water Restrictions.

Alden - A 20 inch Water Main Break in the Village of Alden has put even more restrictions in place.

Due to the drought conditions we are continuing to experience and a lack of rain in the forecast, we are forced to impose mandatory water use restrictions. Effective immediately, please limit your water use with the following actions: • No lawn watering, filling of pools, spas, ornamental fountains, car washing • Limit plant watering to two times per week before 10 AM or after 6 PM • Limit clothes washers and dishwashers to full loads • Check your plumbing and repair any leaks • Any other unnecessary uses We are sorry for any inconvenience these restrictions may cause. With your cooperation, we will work through this difficult time. Please call the Water Department at 937-7392 if you have any questions.

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